• implementation of risk and reliability based inspection and maintenance methods
  • RBI, RCM analyzes
  • condition surveys and condition assessment supported by numerical simulation and material testing, service life analysis
  • examination of the safe operating conditions of structures and equipment (assessment of the danger of defects, lifetime estimation, numerical modeling of load conditions by the finite element method)
  • development of on-line risk monitoring systems
  • Complex damage analysis, examination and modeling of damage processes:
  • complex investigation of fractures and failures of structures, equipment, parts (material structure tests, fault finding tests, mechanical tests, modeling of operating conditions, etc.)
  • investigation of the damage and failure processes of structural materials by modern material testing and numerical methods
    full corrosion damage analyzes


Dr. Szabolcs SZÁVAI, acting division director, Engineering Division, Department of Structural Integrity and Production Technologies
: H-3528 Miskolc, Iglói u. 2
Mobile: +36-70/205-6455
E-mail: szabolcs.szavai@bayzoltan.hu