The basis of the Industry 4.0 concept is digitalisation: to increase the efficiency of processes by collecting as much information as possible about production and logistics processes and then analyzing them. Data processing and analysis can be performed in real time, so even in the event of a small discrepancy, immediate intervention is possible, reducing the likelihood of errors occurring. In addition, by developing and using simulation models (so-called digital twin pairs), certain modifications to the production system can be tested before implementation, thus minimizing the risk of change.

Industry 4.0 solutions aren’t a thing that only bigger companies can afford. It is also in the interest of small companies to increase efficiency, which is facilitated by continuous monitoring and rapid intervention.

It is not absolutely necessary to build and procure a new production system for the implementation, it may be sufficient to install the appropriate sensors and transmit their data. Digitization can not only increase efficiency for machines. Digitalization can directly support the work of operators, facilitating the efficient performance of overlapping tasks based on it.

We can help you to become part of the 4th Industrial Revolution by:

  • analyzing and optimizing your production processes,
  • developing and building digitalized systems.


Dr. Richárd LADÁNYI, Head of Department, Department of System Design