IT and communication systems are already part of our daily lives. Every minute of the day, we use products that run some kind of software.

Our specialists can cover the entire work process, from the assessment of needs, the development of protocols and the preparation of studies to the preparation of specifications.

In software development, from stand-alone PC and mobile applications to client-server, web, cloud-based, database management applications, he has the appropriate competencies, primarily in smaller (requiring some developers) tasks. In addition, we have significant expertise in embedded software development expertise, whether it is building a completely custom system or any RTOS or embedded Linux-based development.

In the field of electronics development, we can undertake the design of microcontroller control and data acquisition circuits, electronics containing IoT and various wired and wireless communications, printed circuit board design and prototyping.

Our staff has extensive experience in operation, user support and communication. We still operate many of the systems we have developed today.

Our activities and services

  • System, SW architecture design
  • Embedded software development, microcontroller circuit design
  • Database development
  • PC based software development
  • WEB based software development
  • Mobile applications
  • Digital signal processing


László ÁRVAI, Head of Department, Department of System Development
Address: H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
Mobile: +36-30/558-9464