Every minute, some kind of software is running on the products we use.

The department can cover the whole workflow, through the assessment of the demands, development of protocols, and preparation of studies for the preparation of specifications.

In terms of development, it has the competences for primarily the smaller tasks (requiring a few developers) from self-contained PC and mobile applications to be client-server, web, or cloud-based database management applications. In case of larger works, the department can mainly perform project management tasks. Moreover, the department has a substantial competence in developing inlaid softwares, whether it is the preparation of a completely unique system, or an RTOS or inlaid Linux-based development.

Our staff has considerable experience in terms of operation, user support, and customer relations. At present, the department operates several newly developed systems as well.



Our activities and services

  • Systems and SW architecture design
  • Inlaid software development
  • Database development
  • PC-based software development
  • WEB-based software development
  • Mobile applications
  • Data mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital signal processing



Csaba ENGI, Director of the Division
BAY-SMART Smart Systems Division