Our Non Destructive Testing Laboratory performs mainly test method development activities since 2014.

Its main competence is to do research and investigate the application of traditional and modern nondestructive tests, and developing test methods in the following areas:

  • Method-development for searching surface and volume material-continuity defects
  • Analysing the effectiveness of test methods by modelling
  • Preparation of nondestructive test plans

The laboratory has the following test and test-modelling devices:

  • Phased array ultrasonic test device (PAUT)
  • Eddy Current test device
  • Magnetic particle test equipment (MT)
  • Conventional ultrasonic test equipment (UH)
  • Wall thickness measuring equipment
  • Penetration test
  • CIVA modelling software



Péter RÓZSAHEGYI – Head of the Department, Department of Material Testing
Address: H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
Mobile: +36-30/370-0029
E-mail: peter.rozsahegyi@bayzoltan.hu