BAY-ENG Engineering Division’s most important competences and activities are: research and development of structural /functional materials/coatings, and research of production methods and properties of metallic/non-metallic materials. The Division’s work is a combination of two areas (material sciences and material technologies) and it has an outstanding experience in nanotechnology, metals, ceramics and composites, crystalline and amorphous materials and surface coatings development. In addition, we deal with the applicability of these technologies by the production of a specific product or component, and also with related numerical modelling and material testing.

R & D activities of BAY-ENG Engineering Division:

  • Structural and functional materials’ development and their characterization (metallic and non-metallic)
  • Development of joining and machining technologies
  • Development of coating and surface technologies
  • Development and services for industrial laser technologies (development of special equipment and dedicated technologies for welding, cutting, surface treatment and 3D machining)
  • Development of material testing methods

Material and technology development:

  • special materials
  • functional materials
  • composite technologies
  • coating technologies
  • development of nano-structured materials
  • application of electrochemical methods

Industrial laser technologies:

  • heat treatment, alloying (production of layers, containing extremely wore resistant complex carbides on a steel surface)
  • thin layer deposition welding
  • surface structuring, cleaning
  • 3D welding or cutting of dissimilar materials
  • Product and production-technology development
  • development of own products and technologies
  • engineering design, material and structural optimization
  • application of CAD and finite-element methods in product and technology development
  • modelling of production technologies (forming and joining technologies, plastic production technology)
  • virtual reality technologies – industrial applications
  • acoustic modelling and optimization

Material and product tests:

  • product qualification tests
  • mechanical testing of materials and components
  • axial, torsional and biaxial (tension-torsion) testing (static and fatigue testing)
  • mechanical and biomechanical material testing
  • structural characterization of materials at micro- and nano-range (SEM, TEM, AFM, optical microscopy)
  • metallographic and chemical analytical testing
  • investiagtion of material damage
  • complex failure analysis


Dr. Ádám VIDA, Division Director, BAY-PROD Production Division
Phone: + 36-70 / 515-7182