Division for Biotechnology in Szeged (BAY-BIO) was the first established unit of Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research. Bay Zoltán Ltd.’s and BAY-BIO’s activities form a technological bridge between the basic research and the experimental development within the biotechnological sector.

In close cooperation with the other divisions, BAY-BIO focuses on:

  • providing an applied research background for domestic and international corporate partners
  • implementing goal- and product-oriented development projects
  • providing a modern service portfolio for partners
  • practice-oriented education.

Due to our flexible approach and comprehensive professional background on the research area, we provide creative, innovative solutions and answers to the biotechnology-related problems and questions arising at our partners’ sides. This also ensures the continuous development of our institute, helps our partners achieving their goals, and contributes the sustainable development of our environment.

Priority research and development areas

  • complex agro-biotechnological development (in accordance with the ‘bioeconomy’ concept)
  • environmental microbiology development
  • biological recovery of secondary raw materials

Departments of BAY-BIO Division for Biotechnology

Priority projects, success stories

Agro-industrial developments in accordance with the ‘bioeconomy’ concept”

BAY-BIO plays an active role on this field, since the appearing of the bioeconomy concept.

BAY-BIO’s Agro-industrial R&D activity – based on industral and agricultural by-products and plant based biomass – includes an active co-operation with our business partners for more than ten years in the following, agrarian-related areas:

  • waste utilizing biogas production: it means utilizing waste-generated mushroom compost for biogas and organic fertilizers, which are produced in biogas plants of Pilze Nagy Kft. It reduces waste production and creates independence from fossil fuels.
  • feeding at pig farming: we develop a neotraditional short-feed chain, supported by biotechnological tools at Kurucz Farm Lfd., for GMO-free food production.
  • feeding at fish farming: producing immunostimulatory fodder supplements based on micro-algae strains for intensive fish farming, coordinated by NAIK HAKI
  • organic nutrient supply for agricultural cultivation: developing an innovative, automated algae production system at Zöldségcentrum Kft.
  • precision management at secondary vocational education: cooperating with Galamb József Agricultural Vocational Training School, in the fields of customized training of professionals and education methodology that takes into account the needs of producers and small and medium-sized business enterprises.

Innovative recycling of colliery spoils

We launched a complex pilot program on this area with the leading of Szent István University, and the participation of Mecsekérc Zrt.

We utilize geochemical and biotechnological tools to build and operate the prototype of a bioleaching system below the field level.

Main partners of BAY-BIO

Kurucz Farm Ltd.
Pilze Nagy Ltd.
Zöldségcentrum Ltd.
Lavina Foundation
Galamb József Agricultural Vocational Training School
Golder Associates (Hungary) Zrt.
BGT Hungaria Ltd.
Zábrák Ltd.
BioEgo Ltd.
Elgoscar-2000 Ltd.
Szent István University
Mecsekérc Ltd.
National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre – Research Institute for Fisheries


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BAY-BIO Division for Biotechnology
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