The Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research is the leading applied research institution of Hungary. The Engineering Division of the Ltd. operates in Budapest, Miskolc, and Eger. The Division is active in the following fields of R&D, engineering consultations and services:

Developments and services in material’s sciences and technologies:

  • Development and analysis of structural and functional materials (metallic and non-metallic)
  • Development of joining and machining technologies
  • Development of coating and surface technologies
  • Development and other services for industrial laser technologies (including welding, cutting, surface treatment, and 3D machining)
  • Development of material testing methods

Mechanical engineering developments and services:

  • Modeling and design of engineering structures, metallic, polymer and composite products and their production technologies
  • Numerical modeling and analysis for the damage processes of structural materials, and failure analysis
  • Virtual reality technologies, and development of their industrial applications
  • Operational safety analysis, risk management, and lifetime analyses

We have ISO 9001 certification since 2006. The Department of Structural Integrity and our Laboratory for Mechanical Tests have certificaion for expertise related to the nuclear power plant equipment of safety classification ABOS 1,2,3 of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in 2007.

Engineering Division has the following research infrastructure:

Engineering Division has about 60 employees. Some of them are involved in teaching at different universities at B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D levels (supported by BAY-fellowships also). We are exceptionally active in nation-wide and international networking, including bilateral cooperations, and several EU projects (R&D, networking) successfully completed.

Research groups


BAY-ENG Division manages the development of innovative engineering solutions that result the creation of cost-effective, innovative products and operational systems.

Our development engineers and expert colleagues have current and industry-leading knowledge and instrumental assets for the development of

  • Health & Well-Being
  • Efficient energy use and production
  • “Intelligent Traffic Systems”
  • Logistics systems for Industry 4.0 (simulation)
  • Circular economy (waste management, life-cycle analysis)
  • “SMART Systems”

When implementing our ideas and concepts, we focus on customer-specific research and development, and the most effective system’s integrity.

The basic element of our customer-specific development is that the customer is the first and most important. We support our customers during the full innovation cycle until their market entry, even after that, if it is necessary.

We have experienced, and younger colleagues. We believe in the importance of the new generation, therefore, we cooperate with numerous higher-education institutions.


Priority projects, success stories of BAY-ENG

  • Flexible production environment with I4.0 Support at Robert Bosch Power Tool Ltd. (2016)

Cost-effective operating, and increasing the flexibility of production processes – in order to improve the system’s productivity – is a growing challenge for producers. With the large number of various products and the reduction of serial sizes, “one-piece material flow” producing structures will come into view, which result the creation of complex systems. New methods and models are required to design and manage these systems, which are offered by Industry 4.0 – from the use of infocommunication technologies and digital production to the use of new generation planning systems.

  • Development of Innovative Flood Logistics Management Tools (2014)

Development of innovative flood management tools (with geospatial solutions) in cooperation with the University of Miskolc and the B.-A.-Z. County Disaster Recovery Directorate, within the HUSK / 1001 / 2.1.2 / 0009. project of the “Hungary-Slovakia Cross-border Cooperation Program 2007-2013”.

  • IT system development for the innovative logistics of the collection chain of waste tires (2017)

The development was carried out for Oláh-Gumiszervíz Ltd. within the Norwegian Financing Mechanism 2009-2014 Green Industrial Innovation Program (application ID: HU09-0072-A1-2013).

  • IT system development and for the Hungarian Government Officials Corp. 2012-

We have supported the IT operation of the membership registration and the election system of the Hungarian Government Officials Corp. since 2012, and we also develop the system, if it is needed. The system stores information about 80.000 government officials and supports the conduct of the elections.

Main partners of BAY-ENG

Magyar Suzuki Corp.
Robert Bosch Power Tool Ltd. Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Ltd.
Alcufer Ltd.
BAZ County Central Hospital and University Teaching Hospital
University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Sciences
Hungarian Government Officials Corp.
Miskolc Holding

Our competences are supported by softwares with innovative industrial licenses:

  • logistical simulation software – Plant Simulation
  • route planning – RouteSmart
  • GSI – ArcGIS 9
  • life cycle assessment (LCA) – GaBi


Dr. Szabolcs SZÁVAI, acting division director
Phone: +36-70/205-6455