The Innovation Park (BAY-INNO) is operated by Bay Zoltán Applied Research Nonprofit Ltd., the leading Hungarian applied research institute. The Innovation Park (BAY-INNO) is located in District XI of Budapest, on the corner of Fehérvári Rd. and Galvani Rd.

BAY-INNO offers C class offices, labor and storage facilities for small and medium enterprises. Furthermore large area multi-purpose halls for companies interested in development and services are available.

BAY-INNO, with an office space of 4 744 sq meters has the highest occupancy ratio in the neighborhood for several years running

Our services

Services included in rental price

24-hour reception, in case of normal office use the charge of heating, energy and water consumption, a fee of maintenance, free internal mailbox (receiving emails).

Services for a discounted fee

  1. Scientific, technological and business information services (domestic and foreign technical, economic and business databases).
  2. Consultancy, including:
  • defining strategic goals,
  • drafting of feasibility studies,
  • drafting of business plans,
  • market research,
  • development of marketing strategies,
  • technological development, industrial property rights,
  • business and operation support.
  1. Accounting, tax accounting.
  2. Legal advice and representation.
  3. Assistance for obtaining financial resources and preparation of tenders,
  4. Arranging business contacts at home and abroad.


Innovation Park

Ibolya KOZMA – facility director

Address: H- 1116 Budapest, Fehérvári út 132-144.

Mobile: +36-30/512-0099