The Production Division has the following research infrastructure:

BAY-PROD Production Division:

The aim of the Production Division (BAY-PROD) is to implement industrial R&D&I from idea to reality. Accordingly, its portfolio ranges from laboratory-level experimentation to industrial scale-up to small- and medium-series production through its three departments.

The division can be divided into the following departments:

Department of Industrial Materials Technology (IMT)

The goal of the IMT is to carry out accurate and precise industrial research, which sometimes reaches back to fundamental research. The department works with two research groups (Laboratory of Materials Development and Surface Technologies Research Group) that range from dealing with matter at the atomic level to modification of extensive bodies. Relevant TRL levels: 1 – 5.

Department of Production Development (PD)

The objective of the PD is to provide adequate up-scaling expertise for technology developments at TRL levels 1 to 5. In addition to this, engineering designs, various material tests and laser beam experimental developments also enrich their professional portfolio.

Laboratory of Industrial Laser Technology

In our Laser Technology Laboratory, we deal with 2D and 3D machining and push the boundaries of laser machinability, both in terms of material removal and LSA.

In the currently developing Diode Laser Center in Kecskemét, we deal with industrial laser technology and femtosecond laser technology, with the help of which we are testing previously unattainable surface modifications.

Department of Production (DOP)

DOP is responsible for the execution of industrial production, the professional planning of logistics processes and the maintenance of the quality assurance system. Their main industrial productions:

  • Production of FFP 2 type protective mask for the Hungarian hospital care system
  • Manufacturing of medical nitrile gloves
  • Special laser machining for various automotive partners

In addition to manufacturing, the department also has a Polymer Technology Research Group with a dual purpose. On the one hand, it provides a suitable professional background for the production processes of the department, and on the other hand, it coordinates the polymer strategic direction of the Research Center from an industrial point of view.

Introduction of the departments:

Department of Industrial Materials Technology
Department of Production Development
Department of Production



Dr. Ádám VIDA, division director
Phone: +36-70/515-7182