Based on the strategy of companies and higher education institutions our aim is to develop valid project ideas, products and services, strongly linked to organizations/institutions main focus areas, develop project portfolio.

Develop the companies/organizations/projects with clear project ideas (SMEs, universities, groups) directly adaptable by large companies. We support these companies with technology development, business and technology risk assessment, quality control and consultancy on IP rights.

Main services

  1. Establishment and advancement of development and investment processes
  2. Business and technology risk assessment
  3. Identification of investment opportunities
  4. Determining best practices, setting benchmarks, writing studies, quality control and project validation related to specific technology
  5. Market value calculations
  6. Mentoring and education
  7. Project planning
  8. Conceptualization, project management
  9. Consultancy on IP rights (IP administration, managing IP portfolio, assisting IP registration)

Services described above in all cases supplemented by our technology and engineering knowledge and laboratory services in the field of R&D.


Dávid VARGAHead of Department, Knowledge Management Centre