Secondary Raw Material Laboratory

Secondary raw materials
Research and development strategy direction



Professional indications

Recovering raw materials from by-products and waste is a fundamental interest of the national economy. Moreover, the European Union has particular focus of this activity, both at the market and R&D areas. Biotechnology Division of Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. has set up a research group in conjunction with the other divisions to aim at this area.

Our aim is to develop the technology for the utilization of mining by-products (which are currently in hazardous waste category) as raw materials and the economic recovery of their metal content.

Biotechnology provides this opportunity, if

  • there are many microorganisms capable of promoting the removal and biomining of the metal content of rocks (biomining, bioleaching) or,
  • in some cases, with the removal or reducing of metal ions that contaminate industrial raw materials, the market value of the raw material can be increased.


The aim of the research is to extract rare-earth metals and reduce iron content of silicate raw materials (clay minerals, sand).


Professional and infrastructural background

  • Creation of R & D Infrastructure
    • We set up the RAW MAT Laboratory in Szeged at the establishment of KIC RAW MATERIALS, which can perform – in cooperation with our institution in Miskolc – laboratory-level metal extraction tasks and improvements. This infrastructure also forms the basis of further research programs.
  • Development of international research partner networks
    • With the involvement of corporate partners, research institutes and state decision-making organizations we have developed a network that can be a representative of domestic secondary raw material utilization.

The establishment of the representation has created a professional background, that allows our organizations an effective, market-oriented task solving and technological development.


Dr. István KISS –Director of the Division

Address: H-6726 Szeged, Derkovits fasor 2.

Phone: +36-30/637-33-75