In the past years the researchers of our institute have achieved developments in metal recovery optimalisation by bioleaching methods. Beside integration of bioleacing with technologies like hydrometellurgy and biotechnology holds further promise for improving overall efficiency and sustainability.


Featured Services

  1. Development of environmentally friendly metal removal processes from secondary raw materials using sulfur-oxidizing bacteria and solid-to-solution transition.
  2. Conducting tests on bacteria to be adapted on metal-containing wasters.
  3. Preparation of a mass balance calculating the economic return on extracted metals for operational bioleaching systems
  4. Preparation of technical documentation on operating systems and proposal of efficiency optimization.
  5. Provide decision-support advice on the feasibility of bioleaching applications: recovery of valuable metals from secondary raw materials, whereas reduction of toxic metal content in various wastes.
  6. Providing ongoing technical consultation, taking into account the demand of our partners, from design to industrial implementation.

Our Institute has the appropriate methodology and instrumentation, such as hydrometallurgical, elemental analytical, microbiological laboratories, bioreactors and large-scale laboratory equipment to conduct tests for a given waste or by-product. The obtained results are eligible for the metal recycling and recovery method proposal.



István Fekete – Chemistry MSc, 20 years experience in classical and analytical chemistry.



István Fekete – Chemistry MSc, 20 years experience in classical and analytical chemistry.

Attila J. Baranyi – Biology MSc, 2 years experience in bioleaching research.




Dr. Margit BALÁZS – Head Of Department
Deptartment of Recycling of Secondary Raw Materials