Our complex analytical laboratory can measure various organic and inorganic components. Besides, standard methods of accredited laboratories do not yield results and/or you are working with unique samples, our team is ready to help you find a solution to the measurement challenges.

The demand for elemental and organic analytical testing often arises in detecting and treating secondary raw materials, assessing environmental damage caused by toxic metals and organic components, food contamination testing and many other areas.
Based on our experience and the investigation’s complexity, we offer a customised and personalised measurement service supported by continuous consultation and collaborative thinking.


Featured Services

  1. Elemental analytical (precious metal and rare earth measurements from secondary raw materials, toxic element determinations)
  2. Classical analytical (soil and water chemistry)
  3. Organic analytics (analysis of water and soil contaminants, food products, components from bacterial and fungal metabolism, analysis of plant parts)

The results are provided in a measurement report. The laboratory is ISO 9001 certified.

Please get in touch with our colleagues about the component to be measured, the matrix containing it, the lower measurement limit, the deadline for providing results and the required sample quantity!



  • Furnace for heating up to 1100°C for bulking
  • Cross-beater mill (Retsch SK300), also for crushing rocks
  • Evaporators, lyophilizers, centrifuges, thermostats, drying ovens
  • Microwave digester system for concentrated acidic, high-temperature excavations
  • ASE (accelerated solvent extractor, Dionex 350)
  • pH, conductivity and redox sensors
  • Analytical and storage weighting balances
  • KOI destructors, BOI5 equipment, rapid tests
  • ICP-OES (Perkin Elmer Avio200), supplemented with a hydride generation
  • XRF (Shimadzu EDX-7000P)
  • TOC/TC/TN (Teledyne Tekmar Apollo 9000)
  • HPLC-DAD&RID (Agilent Infinity 1260)
  • HPLC-CD (Shimadzu LC-20)
  • UV/VIS spectrophotometers
  • GC-FID&TCD (Agilent 7890)
  • GC-MSD (Agilent 6850 és 6890N, 5975 MSD, NIST 2003 database)


Some examples of our previous orders:

Elemental analytics

  • Analysis of rare earth elements in plant parts grown on unique soils.
  • Analysis of valuable recoverable metal content in spent batteries.
  • Analysis of the chromium content of food products potentially contaminated with heavy metal-containing paint.
  • Investigation of a plating bath in an electroplating plant.
  • Composition analysis of contaminant deposited on a filter with unknown origin.
  • Investigation of coal slags, fly ash, red mud, mine drainage, leachate.

Organic compound analytics

  • Identification of metabolites produced during spoilage of food samples, measurement of organic acids, sugars, sugar alcohols
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of allergens in cosmetic products and essential oils (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009)
  • Determination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
  • Measurement of CBD-THC active substances, vitamins in hemp products, and food supplements
  • Measurement of VOC components (halogenated volatile, BTEX, alkylbenzenes and solvent residues) from sludge, water or food
  • Analysis and comparison of oils used in the automotive industry and instrumentation
  • Monitoring concentration changes during alcohol distillation of certain alcohol-containing plant extracts
  • Development and execution of specific measurements with existing standards.



  Attila Komóczi – Analytical group leader

Chemistry MSc. 13 years of experience in water-soil inorganic and organic analysis.

    Bence Kószó – Chemical technology group leader

Chemistry MSc. 7 years of experience in applied analytics, atomic emission spectrometry and method development

Márta Koleszár – Research fellow

5 years of experience in instrumental analysis

    Viktória Dudás – Research fellow

Environmental Science MSc. 4 years of experience in classical and instrumental analytics




Dr. Margit BALÁZS – Head Of Department
Deptartment of Recycling of Secondary Raw Materials