BAY-ENG Engineering Division is also dealing with questions related to the reliable and safe operation of various structures, equipment and their components. The Division’s activities comprise for example: investigation of damage processes of structural materials; state analysis of structures, lifetime and risk assessment of the defects in the structures; using of numerical modelling methods for assessing the remaining life time and operational safety of operating equipment and structures.

R & D activities of the BAY-ENG Engineering Division cover the following areas of expertise:

  • modelling of the operation conditions of structures and equipment (mechanical, thermal, fluid mechanical, acoustic, tribological modelling)
  • development of risk- and reliability-based maintenance management systems, and on-line risk monitoring systems
  • research, forecast and examination of the damage processes of structural materials
  • methods of defect and lifetime assessment, lifetime management


Dr. Szabolcs SZÁVAI, acting division director, Engineering Division, Department of Structural Integrity and Production Technologies
Address: H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
Phone: +36-70/205-6455