BZN’s Knowledge Management Centre offers project management activities that guarantee the successful implementation of national or international cooperation projects, where BZN participates as a subcontractor, consortium member or consortium leader.

The financing of the project is usually provided by a grant programme, which can be one of the following:

  • Structural Funds Operational Programmes
  • NKFIH Funds
  • Horizon Europe
  • Danube Transnational Programme
  • Central Europe Programme
  • Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes
  • LIFE programme

If your company or institute wants to participate in a call for proposals but you lack the expertise or staff to do this, then it is worth visiting us before writing the grant proposal and consult us on how we could cooperate in the preparation or the management of the project.


We offer our grant project management services together with our R+D+I services. We undertake the following tasks and activities:

  • Organizing the work of the consortium, preparing a schedule, communicating it to the other partners; ensuring project progress and quality
  • Management and supervision of project documentation in the online application forms; procurement and submission of documents necessary for concluding a contract, conclusion of the contract, registration and professional storage of supporting documents for the project; preparation and submission of professional reports; travel organization, etc.
  • Communication and dissemination, e.g. creating an communication plan; print and online publications: leaflets, posters, banners, website, newsletter; organization of social media presence; presentations at events; networking, organization of events, trainings, conferences, visual materials, videos or podcasts.
  • Supporting professional tasks defined by the application, e.g. data collection and processing, preparation of analyses, identification and dissemination of good practices and technologies already on the market, mapping of publications and patents, review of already implemented projects on similar topics, preparation and implementation of research and measurements, publication of research results (in specialist journals) or on open access platforms)
  • Financial management, controlling; The planning of the project’s budget from the writing of the application to the implementation
  • Budget planning and reallocations
  • Planning of staff and materials costs, procurement or related consulting services;
  • Comprehensive financial management is in accordance with the EU financial rules and at the same time the Hungarian accounting rules;
  • Preparing, uploading, and comparing financial accounts with accounting and the rules of the supporting programme
  • Preparation for on-site inspection and audits.



Bay Zoltán Research Centre has successfully implemented about 80 international projects.

The projects were financed from grants. The tenders were most often financed by the EU’s R&D Framework Programmes, but we also led or participated in several international consortia in the EU’s Interreg programs, such as the South-East Europe, Central Europe or Danube Transnational programs.

We are proud that we were the 12th most successful R+D+I institution among the Hungarian applicants in the EU Horizon 2020 program.



Katalin KURUCZ, Head of International Department,
Knowledge Management Center