We are looking for investors and implementing partners.

Our company is looking for partners for the following projects. The aim of the projects is to test prototypes and models – which were already tested under laboratory conditions – in real life.

  1. Virtual reality platform– provides education and training platform for repairing and maintenance works of high security risk industry facilities.

We are looking for partners who have experience in the development of educational materials, and would provide pilot venue and students, and would take part in measuring the efficiency compared with the traditional teaching methods.

  1. Fatigue detection– accident prevention system – With the help of the mobile application we can assess the physical and psychical fatigue of the car driver, and in accordance with the results it is possible to arrange more rest periods, or the replacement of the driver if it is needed. Fatigue detection system defines the level of fatigue based on more parameters for safety, such as evaluation of changes is postural control, defining CFF (critical fusion freqvency), analysis of voice and speech characteristics and changes in cognitive abilities.
    We are looking for partners: for drafting usecases, providing pilot venues, leading and supporting the development of user protocols (quality assurance, internal regulations)

You may need further information, please contact our colleagues.


Ildikó Bognár, Head of Business Development and Marketing
Mobile: +36-20/357-8346
E-mail: ildiko.bognar@bayzoltan.hu

Are you looking for R&D partnership or infrastucture?

If you are looking for an implementing partner in connection with your project, please send us a short project summary.

You might answer the following nine questions:

  1. What is the main purpose behind the project? Please, summarize it in just one sentence!
  2. What are the technical solutions, and planned services? (500 characters)
  3. What is the expected result of the planned project? (500 characters)
  4. What kind of real/latent end user needs would have the innovation/project satisfy at the time of taking to the market? (500 characters)
  5. What are the ECONOMICAL benefits of the created product/service to the end users? (Compared to the currently available competing solutions in the market) (500 characters)
  6. What is the current status of the development and what is the technology readiness level of the development? Have you tested or sold the innovation? (500 characters)
  7. What is the novelty of the innovation compared to the solutions that are currently available on the market from a European/global perspective? (500 characters)
  8. Who owns the intellectual property?(max 2 sentences)
  9. Who are your identified international market competitors? (500 characters)


Bálint Uzsoki, Head of department, Business and Technology Development Division
Mobile: +36-30/469-0307
E-mail: balint.uzsoki@bayzoltan.hu