The task and role of the Bay Zoltán Research Center (BAY)

In line with the Circular Economic Strategy, BAY, as a key player in Hungarian applied research and development, considers its mission to be active in the Circular Economic Endeavors, taking into account its competencies (material and technology development, materials testing, biotechnology, environmental life cycle analysis, logistics) and references. This is aided by BAY’s recognized role in technical life and its network of relationships, where it presents as a bridge between the R&D and applied industrial segments.

Each of BAY’s disciplines can present a number of ongoing or past work that are organically bound to the EU’s efforts in this area. In the last 5 years, BAY has performed and is currently performing tasks in 36 international and domestic projects worth nearly HUF 1 billion.

Although several domestic organizations have the above competencies separately, there is no player like BAY that can embrace and represent all of them as one organization. For this reason, the role of BAY is unique in Hungary, which provides an opportunity to represent circular economic aspirations in Hungary.

BAY’s offer for industrial players for their developments in the field of Circular Economy

Among the goals to set out in the Action Plan of the Circular Economy, BAY offers the following opportunities for Hungarian industrial actors to cooperate:

Supporting the implementation of Ecodesign principles

Better design can make products more durable or easier to repair, upgrade, or remanufacture. You can help recyclers disassemble products in order to recover valuable materials and parts. Overall, it can help conserve valuable resources.

Clean production: proposing cheaper, more environmentally friendly, low-energy and low-waste production processes, further development

Inefficient use of resources in production processes can lead to the loss of business opportunities and the generation of significant amounts of waste, even for intelligently designed products or materials.

Overview of the entire production and waste management cycle

Reviewing the production and waste management system of enterprises, making proposals for the more efficient use of their waste, in order to return it to the economy in accordance with the recycling targets.

Material testing research

Physical and chemical material testing from nano-ranges to mechanical testing of structural elements, with a state-of-the-art laboratory park (the mechanical material testing laboratory is accredited).

Identify potential sources of funding

Consortium implementation of research and development-innovation ideas, finding possible application sources and professional partners.

The aim of BAY is to support the implementation of innovation collaborations in line with the Circular Economic Strategy with its expertise and infrastructure.



Péter CHRABÁK, Head of Circular Economy Research, Engineering Division (BAY-ENG)
phone: + 36-30 / 660-9752