The Environmental Protection Laboratory provides the infrastructural background for the environmental protection services of Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd for Applied Research. Our equipment was developed within the framework of an earlier international project, aimed at studying the movement of groundwater contaminants and the possibilities for their  remediation. Our laboratory – created on the base of this knowledge and equipment – offers complex services for our corporate partners working with remediation technologies.

By the methodologies and equipment developed for the monitoring of microbiological decomposition of groundwater contamination we are able to:

  • determine the decomposition rate of organic pollutants
  • map the natural self-remediation processes of a particular contaminated area
  • provide expertise in order to promote the efficiency of bioremeditaion processes.

With our highly qualified experts and modern equipment (including classical and molecular biological testing methods as well as large-scale analytics) and specific modelling techniques, we provide professional background to our corporate partners, which allows for faster and more efficient remediation and follow-up.


Dr. Balázs FEHÉR
Head of Department
Department of Applied Microbiology