Secondary raw materials

R&D strategic direction


Professional indication

The recovery of raw materials from by-products and wastes is a fundamental economic interest. The European Union gives special attention to these challenges, both in marketing and R&D areas. The Biotechnology Division of Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research – in cooperation with other professional divisions – has set up a research group focusing on the field of raw material recovery.

Our aim is to use mining by-products – which are currently in the “hazardous waste” category – as raw materials and to develop new technologies, which can be used for the economic extraction of their metal content.

Biotechnology provides opportunities in the following cases:

  • There are some microorganisms that can enhance the extraction of metals from rocks, which may thus become further usable (biomining, bioleaching), or
  • By removing or reducing metal ions that contaminate industrial raw materials, in some cases it is possible to increase the market value of the raw material.

Primary aims of research:

  • the extraction of rare-earth metals and
  • the reduction of iron content of silicate raw materials (clay minerals, sand)


Professional and infrastructural background

  • R&D Infrastructure Creation
    • In the framework of KIC RAW MATERIALS program we set up our RAW MAT Laboratory in Szeged – in cooperation with our other institute in Miskolc – which is able to perform laboratory-scale metal extraction tasks and development. This infrastructure forms the basis for further research programs.
  • Creating partner networks
    • By involving our corporate partners, research institutes and governmental decision-making organizations, we have created a partner network that can represent the domestic secondary raw material utilization field. We established the professional background for enabling an effective, market-oriented task solving and technological development.


Dr. István KISS – Director of the Division

Address: H-6726 Szeged, Derkovits fasor 2.

Mobile: +36-30/637-33-75