Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research offers complex scientific and technical solutions to more than 200 domestic and international companies supporting them in achieving higher efficiency and effectivity. We provide the „bridge of innovation” to our partners by our applied R&D and technology transfer activities.

Environmental microbiology is one of the main services in the profile of BAY-BIO Biotechnology Division, especially the monitoring and planning of bioremediation processes and the related expert activities.

Our colleagues, with more than a decade’s experience in planning and constructing microbiological solutions, contribute to the work of our partner organisations both as service providers and  R&D partners.


Featured services

Assessment of bioremediation capacity

Monitoring of remediation as a result of natural processes or intervention by investigating soil or groundwater samples (determination of selective and total colony count, TOC-TC-TN measurement, respiratory tests).

Microcosm tests:

Analysis of possibilities for natural decomposition, biostimulation, or bioaugmentation, testing the effectiveness of these processes in batch or flow-through test systems, also in hundreds of liters in volume. Determination of decay constant and half-life by chemical analytical monitoring (VOC, EPH analysis with our own GC-MS, GC-FID equipment, CH4, CO2, O2, CAH measurement from headspace, anion-chromatography, organic acid measurements with HPLC).

Microbe monitoring, identification, molecular biological test:

  • qPCR tests: quantitative analysis of bacteria playing key role in dehalogenation (Dehalococcoides, Dehalobacter, Dehalogenimonas, Desulfitobacterium) and their genes (vcrA, bvcA, tceA)
  • DGGE tests – for the monitoring of bacteria applied by bioaugmentation for example
  • evaluation of metagenom analysis


Dr. Balázs FEHÉR – Head of Department, Department of Applied Microbiology

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