Material testing services

  • Metallographic tests (micro, macro)
  • Layer thickness measurement
  • Structural analysis (XRF,XRD, atomic absorption tests, OES, ICP)
  • DSC measurements (melting point, thermal capacity, and glassification) for metals and metal alloys with a low melting point
  • DTA –able high-temperature thermic stability melting point, thermic capacity, measurement of glassification for metals and metal alloys with a high melting point
  • TG, thermo gravimtric measurements are able to test mass change, oxidation or decomposition in plastics, metals and metal alloys
  • Structural analysis with scanning electron microscope (SEM), determination of element composition with microprobe (EDS),
  • Coating tests.


Dr. György KAPTAY – Head of the Department, Department of Material Development

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