The Software Centre – on one hand – is a group of different softwares which supports development of technological processes and products, and – on the other hand – contains several years’  knowledge and experiences of the research team, which are necessary to perform these activities.

The Software Centre integrates modern, computer and information-technology assisted engineering activities/capacities which lead the complete design process in a virtual space and include the most modern design and modelling software tools (modelling of materials, components, structures, technologies, processes).



  • High computing capacity server computer
  • Extensive software park access with several years of professional experience: MARC, ADAMS, Simufact.Welding, Simufact.Forming, JMatPro, Moldlfow, DIGIMAT, Comsol, Maple, Matlab, Autodesk Product Design Suite

With this infrastructure, it is possible to:

  • perform the development processes in virtual space,
  • optimize production technologies and products,
  • analyse the difference between the real and testing conditions,
  • produce realistic prototypes,
  • technology design, and reliability assessment.

Technology design, and reliability.

  • Simulations for metallic materials
  • Complex welding simulations
  • Modelling heat treatments considering changes of material structure
  • Modelling volumetric plastic deformation technology
  • Analyzing sheet metal forming

Simulations for polymers

  • Filling and solidification time
  • Pressure and form compressing force
  • Filling ratio, solidification lines
  • Polymer fibre orientation
  • Volume-shrinkage and warping tests
  • Filling-system optimization simulations
  • Determination of local material properties

Product design and reliability

  • 2D, 3D modelling
  • Motion simulation, dynamic analysis
  • Metallic and non-metallic material analysis
  • Elastic and plastic deformation analysis
  • Laminated composite analysis, multi-phase composites
  • Tribological and wear analysis
  • Fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis
  • Static and transient thermal conduction problems
  • Coupled mechanical and thermodynamic analysis
  • Vibration and acoustic simulation for automotive, electronic, medical, venting and other industrial systems



Dr. Szabolcs SZÁVAI, acting division director, Engineering Division, Department of Structural Integrity and Production Technologies
H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
Mobile: +36-70/205-6455