The Polymer Technology Research Group, based in Miskolc and Budapest, provides the scientific background for the development, testing and processing of plastics within the Department of Production, and participates in the implementation of the Research Center’s activities, related to the plastics industry at expert and implementer level. The activities of the group also include professional support for quality assurance tasks related to the FFP2 protective mask and nitrile glove production, measurements (infrared spectroscopy, flow index determination, differential scanning calorimetry, rheology), and plastics processing (extrusion and injection molding technology).


Injection Molding: Arburg 570S

The Arburg 570S type, hydraulic injection molding machine is suitable for injection molding of a wide variety of polymers. Our institute currently has a mold to produce ISO 527 standard samples for tensile tests. The screw of the injection molding machine is 50 mm, the machine has a tie-bar distance of 570×570 mm and a maximum clamping force of 200 tons. The minimal injection capacity of the injection unit is 390 cm3.


Twin screw extruder: LabTech LTE26-48

With the twin screw extruder, it is possible to produce compounds with an additive or filler content of up to 40% by weight. The L/D ratio of the screws is 48, their maximum speed is 800 1/min. The maximum processing temperature provided by the barrel is 400°C. Additives and fillers can be added either in powdered or granulated forms with the 2 gravimetric dosing units.

Thanks to the modular design of the screw, excellent mixing can be ensured. For further use of the compounds granulates can be produced with the help of the granulating unit.


Differential scanning calorimeter: TA Instrument Discovery DSC 250

The Discovery DSC 250 can be used for measuring the thermal properties (melting point, glass temperature, crystalline fraction, heat capacity) of a wide variety of polymers. Thanks to the wide temperature range, almost every polymer can be measured.

Granulator machine: Wittmann Battenfeld G-Max 9

Wittmann Battenfeld G-Max granulator machine with its 9 rotary knife is suitable for granulate plastic products or intermediate production waste with a capacity of up to 20 kg/h. The size of the granulator chamber is 130 x 260 mm, which contains 2 stationary and 3×3 rotating knives.



Melt Flow Testier: INSTRON MF20

The INSTRON MF20 type device is suitable for measuring the rheological properties (MFI, MVR, melt density) of materials required for trial production with a simple, semi-automated system. The temperature range of the device is 130-400°C. It has a motorized cutter for more precise cuts, thus eliminating the possibility of operator faults.

Fourier transformation infrared  spectroscope: Nicolet iS50 FT-IR Spectrometer

The Nicolet iS50 FT-IR Spectrometer is suitable for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of various polymers, gases, liquids and even multi-component systems. The measuring range is 7800-350 cm-1. It has a built-in library containing 9181 hydrocarbon compound spectra, but it is possible to add more spectra if required. It has a diamond ATR measurement module with an operating range of 5000-800 cm-1. The ATR library has 204 spectra.



Orsolya SEMPERGER, PhDGroup Leader, Polymer Technology Research Group, Department of Production Development
Address: H-1116 Budapest, Kondorfa utca 1.
Cell: +36-70/658-9227