The research area of the Department of Energy and Electronic System includes three major professional fields: electrical power systems, electronic circuit and equipment developments and electromagnetic compatibility.

The focus of the Department of Energy and Electronic Systems is the research and development of measurement and control systems that meet individual needs, that serve different disciplines and that use different platforms. Its activities include the development of IoT and remote-controlled devices and systems for industry, services, healthcare, education, building energy, electricity, the development and integration of customized test and control systems, the testing of renewable energy systems and electrical power network parameters, and EMC expertise.

We have outstanding competence and industry experience in the following areas:

  • Development of industrial test equipment to meet individual needs and requirements, integrated with wired and wireless online monitoring systems and/or remote-control systems.
  • Development and performance of electromagnetic simulations, expert activity in solving EMC problems, providing professional support for EMC-centric design.
  • Power network analysis of industrial facilities and public buildings, energy efficiency analyses, exploration of electrical network disturbances, design, expertise and development of hardware systems for building energy management systems.
  • Development of IoT systems, embedded systems, microcontroller-based control systems with wired and wireless communication.



Angéla VÁRADINÉ Dr. SZARKA, division director
H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
Mobil: +36-70/657-5045