Our successful participation in proposals is based on long term partnerships. We can support your company from choosing the funding source till the submission of the proposal with our proposal writing service. We aim to establish cooperations where our company is involved as a subcontractor in R&D and innovation tasks.

The most frequently tendered programmes are:

  • OperationalProgrammes (Hungary)
  • National Research and DevelopmentFund
  • Horizon Europe
  • DanubeTransnational Programme
  • Central Europe Programme
  • Cross-borderCooperationProgrammes
  • LIFE programme

We offer the following services for your participation in an international grants:

  • Monitoring nationalorinternationalcallsforproposals, filtering information, interpretatingcallsforproposals.
  • Decision support in connectionwithchoosing a call
  • Supporttosetup a consortium: identifying and contactingconsortiumpartners
  • Compilation of professionalcontentfortheapplication in cooperationwiththecustomercompanyorinstitute.
  • Administrativetasksforthesubmission of a proposal (g. Participantportalregistration)
  • Project planning

Our proposal strategy, extensive international contacts and our continuous participation in international applications guarantee the success of the cooperation.


Participation in international programmes 

  • European TerritorialCooperationProgramMEs: Central Europe, DanubeTransnational
  • BilateralCooperationProgrammes (Hungary-Israel, Hungary-India, Hungary-France, Hungary-Austria)
  • CBC Cross-borderCooperationProgrammes: (HU-SK, HU-RO)
  • EIT KIC Raw Materials
  • Digital Europe programme


Katalin KURUCZ – Head of International Department
Address: 1 Kondorfa Street, 1116 Budapest – Hungary
Mobile: +36304121370