• Tensile, compressive, bending and torsion tests (also mini tensile tests)
  • Axial, torsion and biaxial fatigue tests (LCF, HCF)
  • Fracture mechanical tests (KIC, JIC, DKth, dadN)
  • Structure fatigue tests
  • Stress test of structures
  • Impact tests (instrumented tests also)
  • Drop tests (instrumented tests also)
  • Hardness measurement (HBW1…5, HV0,05…HV10, HRC, SHORE)
  • Instrumented hardness measurement(ABIT)
  • Surface roughness determination
  • Gravimetric
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis for plastics (DMA)
  • Welding technology tests
  • Biomechanical tests
  • SmallPunch (SP) tests

Matereials that can be tested: metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, glass
Test temperatures in case of mechanical tests: -150…1400 °C

  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement and debugger tests
  • Phased-array ultrasonic tests
  • Penetration tests
  • Magnetic particle tests
  • Eddy current tests


Péter RÓZSAHEGYI– Head of the Department, Department of Material Testing

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