Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research participates in the project Interregional Deeptech And Photonics Support Network For Manufacturing (DeepSupport).

In recent years the manufacturing sector has been one of the stable pillars of European economic growth and therefore prosperity. Photonics, as one of the advanced technologies for industry identified by the European Union, is a relevant deep technology that plays a key role in supporting and innovating the manufacturing ecosystem. On the European landscape, several initiatives exist that facilitate cooperation on Photonics, ranging from the public-private partnership Photonics 21, to European-wide clusters like the EPIC association and the Digital innovation hub Photonhub Europe. However, they focus mainly on support for individual organisations and while there is also the S3 platform partnership on Photonics, there is no support available to coordinate interregional cooperation in deep-tech with a focus on Photonics for manufacturing. The goal of the project is the establishment of an interregional deep-tech innovation support network for manufacturing with a focus on Photonics. The output will be a joint supra-regional strategy with best-practice measures for the use of Deeptech/Photonics to support European missions and company competitiveness. This strategy will be co-developed by relevant regional stakeholders from the government body, research, industry, and makers communities and include tangible steps to use the complementarities and cooperation potential of the regions to ensure cross-fertilisation.

Implementation period: 01/01/2024– 31/12/2024

Partners: 6 partners, from 5 countries. Coordinator: JOANNEUM JOHANNEUM RESEARCH MATERIALS (Austria)

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Ms. Katalin KOPPÁNY international project manager

This project has received funding from the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Funding Programme of the European Union.