Bay Zoltán nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research takes part in the project “CleverGuard: ICT solutions of energy data for the protection, safety and independence of the elderly at home“.

Within the framework of the project, an innovative smart home monitoring system “CleverGuard” will be developed in order to improve the safety of elderly people living alone in their own homes.

The system measures and analyses the electricity consumption of households, from which it infers the daily routine of the residents. It detects short- and long-term deviations from daily/weekly habits and then sends an alarm to relatives/caregivers.

The applied procedure follows the UCD (user-cantered development) methodology and involves the elderly living alone at home, their relatives and their official caregivers.

The project supports elderly people to be able to live independently, independently and safely in their own homes for as long as possible.

Implementation period:  01/04/2021– 31/12/2023

Partners:  8 Partners from 4 countries Lead partner: CLEMAP AG (CH)

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Koppány Katalin international project management

The project is supported by the AAL Program (Active Assisted Living Programme-Ageing Well in the Digital World) and the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.