Preparation of international applications

Successful participation in international tenders is based on long-term cooperation with our partners. The interest of some of our company’s division or section as a coordinator or consortium partner might ground the success of our partners.

The most frequently tendered programs are:

  • Horizont 2020,
  • Central Europe,
  • Danube Transnational program,
  • Cross-border Cooperation Programs,
  • LIFE program

We participate also during the period of preparation for the international tenders.

In case of participation in an international tender, we provide the following services:

  • Monitoring domestic and international financial opportunities, filtering information, interpretation of the calls for proposals.
  • Decision support in connection with source selection
  • Support by setting up a consortium, identification and requesting consortium partners
  • Compilation of professional content for the application in cooperation with the customer company or institute.
  • Administrative tasks for the submission of a tender (pl. Participant portal registration)
  • Planning project budget.


Our primary goal is to cooperate with our partners by the international applications, at this case our company would participate as a member of the consortium or as a subcontractor as well.

We also assume proposal writing – primarily in innovation management related topics or relating development of TRL technologies at a low level in order to marketization – when our company would not participate as a member of the consortium during the period of implementation.

Our proposal strategy, extensive international contacts and our continuous participation by international applications guarantee the success of the cooperation.


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