Management of international projects

Our management activities at the international projects guarantees the realization of projects that are implemented in international cooperation, where we participate as a member or the leader of the consortium.

Usually, an R&D or an innovation tender program ensures the financing of the projects.


Potential programs:

  • Horizont 2020
  • Danube Transnational program
  • Central Europe
  • Cross-border Cooperation Programs
  • LIFEprogram


If your company or institute would like to participate in an international project, but – for instance – you don’t have enough co-workers or maybe you don’t have enough experience at administrative project management, it is worth for you to contact us before/during the tendering procedure. We might think about together, how we could cooperate while implementation of project tasks.

We can implement tasks and actions of international projects, but you can also cooperate our divisions by planning and implementation of professional tasks (according to the list below).


By using our professional network memberships, we have the opportunity to reach the very best representatives of a specific science field, so you can apply for the tender together.


By implementation of international projects, the following types of tasks or activities might appear:

Types of tasks Tasks, activities (and examples)
Administrative tasks:
  • supervision and management of tender documentation on online project management platforms
  • obtaining and summiting the necessary documents for contracting
  • signing contracts
  • decent storage and registering of project supporting documents
  • drawing up and submission of professional reports
  • arranging travels, etc.
Organizing the consortium’s work
  • to draw up a timetable in accordance with the application, communication towards the partners
  • to ensure the progress and the quality of the project
Communication and dissemination tasks
  • preparating corporate identity design, brochures, posters, website, or newsletters
  • organizing social media presence
  • conduction of lectures on events, organized by other organizations
  • networking
  • organizing events, trainings, and conferences.
Professional tasks settled by the tender
  • data collection, data processing, and analysis,
  • identifying and disseminating good practices and technologies of the specific area
  • database programming and uploading, data collection
  • mapping of existing publications and literature,
  • overview of already achieved projects sharing similat themes
  • preparation and implementation of research or measurements,
  • publication of research results (in the available literature or on open-access surfaces).
Financial management, controlling
  • Planning project budget from application writing to the implementation
  • Transferring costs
  • Planning wage costs, and material costs, purchases, and consultancy thereon
  • Complete financial management, taking the EU support program into account, and also the Hungarian accounting rules
  • Preparing and uploading financial statements, and comparing them by accounting, and the rules of the support program.

Contact: Knowledge Management Centre

Katalin Kurucz, Head of the Department


150 international projects were successfully implemented during our company’s existence for about 25 years.

We provided project financing by project funds. Projects were usually financed by EU 5,6,7 R&D framework programs, or Horizont 2020 program, but we also led some international consortiums within EU area-based supporting programs, e.g. within South-East Europe, Central Europe, and Danube Transnational program.

We are proud of fact, that in 2014. – by the start of the program – our company has successfully submitted the very first Horizont 2020 project, and that we are the 12th of the most successful RDI institutions by the EU Horizont 2020 program among the Hungarian applicants.

Here you can find a list of our completed projects.


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