Main tasks

  • Development of international, establishment of cooperation
  • Comprehensive international project management
  • Building project consortiums
  • Developing partner networks
  • Organising trainings
  • Carrying out communication and dissemination activities related to the projects
  • Mapping and sharing best practices related to the topic of the projects
  • Preparation of policy developments and strategies
  • Monitoring and communicating the latest developments in research and development areas

National and EU objectives

  • Increase R&D expenditures
  • Promotion of research infrastructures
  • Researchers‘ mobility and career development
  • Increasing the social recognition of research and development; research communication
  • Supporting education and training
  • Building domestic and international partnerships and networks, supporting BZN’s network activities
  • Strengthening the social dimension of R&D

Professional fields

  • Polymers and biopolymers
  • Clean production
  • Circular economy, raw material sciences, bioeconomy
  • Mobility, automotive industry, drones
  • Health industry, epidemiology and medical technology, e-Health
  • EURAXESS researchers’ mobility program
  • Supporting cooperation between research and development, industry, education, and society; Science communication

Participation in international programs

Our international reference projects

Reference list


Katalin KURUCZHead of International Department

Address: H-1116 Budapest, Kondorfa u. 1.
Mobile: +36-30/412-1370