The goal of the Department of Industrial Materials Technology is to maintain a coherent professional knowledge base that offers up-to-date solutions to the materials science and technology challenges of our time. Accordingly, our main activity can be divided into several groups, such as laser material processing, material development, qualitative and quantitative analysis of various chemical processes and the formed materials (surfaces).

The Department of Industrial Materials Technology devotes a significant part of its capacity to the implementation of independent R&D projects, but also cooperates with the other departments of the Production Division and with other divisions within the projects coordinated by the Thematic Area Directorate.

The department consists of several Laboratories and Research Groups, located in different parts of the country. The Surface Technologies Research Group is located at the Budapest site, which deals in depth with innovative and green chemical solutions. Within this framework, a wide range of surface treatment techniques are used, from plasma electrolysis to binder material development.

The state-of-the-art materials science solutions of the Laboratory of Materials Development at our Miskolc site are defined by precision from the first step. As the Laboratory has been involved in a number of developments in nanotechnology, metallurgy, ceramics and their composites, it has extensive experience in materials science and technology.



Bálint GALGÓCZI – Dep. Head of Department, Department of Industrial Materials Technology
Address: H-1116 Budapest, Kondorfa u. 1.
Cell: +36 70/796-0729