Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd is one of the funding members of the Hungarian Bioeconomy Cluster. The objective of the Cluster founded on 28.06.2019 is to facilitate the development and long-term maintenance of Hungary’s bioeconomy, by carrying out the activities below:

  • Perform and support applied research and development activities and innovations
  • Develop cooperation projects to create market-oriented R&D&I processes and technology transfers, support the members’ innovation activities
  • Promote marketing and distribution of technologies
  • Build links between the actors of the knowledge-based economy
  • Create cluster-level service portfolio
  • Represent the interests of the sector, conduct lobbying activities
  • Provide market presence at cluster level, conduct joint PR and marketing activities
  • Develop local and regional opportunities
  • Seek out development funds and involve these resources to Hungarian bioeconomy processes
  • Organize events, conferences and training programmes

More information about the members and activities of the cluster can be found on its website (


Ákos KOÓS, Head of Department, Department of Biomass Production and Valorisation
Mobile: +36-30/372-0999