The mission of the Department of Production Development is to carry out complex engineering tasks based on ideas within the division (fundamental research) and from external partners. The activity of the department is characterized by the fact that it responds dynamically to customer needs, implements complex engineering tasks quickly, and transfers them from laboratory conditions to small-series production line environments. The competence of the department is diverse, based on the knowledge of materials science, materials testing, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, which is represented by colleagues at two sites in Budapest and Kecskemét.

The groups of the department are also intertwined, but they can be outlined as follows:

Laser Technology Group, based in Budapest and Kecskemét. The main activity is the extensive cultivation of laser technologies, from research and development to small-series production. In addition to the traditional laser beam equipment, our machine park also includes equipment with a femtosecond impulse beam source. The activities of the laser technology group are complemented by higher value-added material testing, such as carrying out investigative and damage analysis projects.

Main activities: laser cutting, welding, heat treatment, LMD technology, investigation, damage analysis.

Our main partners: ZF Hungária Ltd., Robert Bosch Ltd., Bíró Ltd., PEEK Ltd., Bing Power Origin Ltd.

The Product Development Group operates at the Budapest site and consists mainly of electrical and mechanical engineers. Their work is closely connected with several divisions of Bay Zoltán Ltd.

Main activity: generation and implementation of research and development projects

The Fuel Cell Research Group at the Kecskemét site is working on solutions that make energy production more efficient without the use of fossil fuels, and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions, keeping in mind the three principles of the hydrogen economy.

The current main project of the group is the development, production and testing of a fuel cell in which, among other things, self-developed metal foam membranes are used. In the soon-to-be-completed testing laboratory, we are waiting for the contact of our future partners who want to dedicate their own cell to testing.

Main activity: development, production and testing of fuel cells.



Sándor TAKÁCS – Head of Department, Department of Production Development
Address: H-1116 Budapest, Kondorfa u. 1.
Cell: +36-70/515-7166