The primary responsibility of the department is the designing, developing and operating of IT and info-communication systems.Our colleagues can cover the whole workflow, through the assessment of the demands, development of protocols, and preparation of studies and specifications to the implementation procedure.

We can cover a wide range of development tasks from self-contained PC and mobile applications to client-server, web or cloud-based database management applications. Moreover, we have substantial competence for developing hardware and embedded software, whether it is the preparation of a completely unique system, or it is an RTOS or embedded Linux-based development.

Our staff has considerable experience in terms of operation, user support, and customer relations. Even today, we provide the operation of several systems developed by us.


László ÁRVAI, Head of Department, Department of System Development
Address: H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
Mobile: +36-30/558-9464