The Department of System Design consists of mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, logistic engineers, clinical engineers, agricultural engineers and IT engineers. This broad range of professionals enables us to meet the vast majority of R&D needs from industry, the service sector, health, or agriculture.

The department’s main activity is to collaborate with professionals in these areas of business to develop directly utilized new products and services, or develop solutions that increase the efficiency of value-creation processes and/or reduce their environmental impact. The latest solutions developed are used in the areas of telemedicine and home care, industry 4.0 and GIS, circular economy and environmental life cycle analysis.

There is close cooperation with the Department of System Engineering which provides with electrical engineering and programming capabilities that are necessary for the outlined R&D services.


Dr. Richárd LADÁNYI, Head of Department, Department of System Design
Address: H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
Phone: +36-46/560-143
Mobile: +36-30/258-1479