Structural Integrity and Production Technologies

The Department of Structural Integrity and Production Technology deals with issues related to the reliable and secure operation of various structures and their components. The activities include research on structural material degradation processes, assessment of the condition, lifetime and risk of structural failure, and the application of numerical modeling techniques to design, product and technology development, operational safety and residual lifetime evaluation.

Our Research Infrastructure provides service as a software centre with an extensive background of knowledge and experience. The Department provides knowledge transfer to SMEs, participates actively in national and international projects, and performs expert activities for industrial partners.

Main services provided by the Department

  • Constructional design and optimization of structures and equipment, modelling of operation conditions under different loading conditions using numerical methods
  • Analysis of pressure vessels and equipment for nuclear, chemical, oil- and gas industries
  • Application of CAD and FEM software (MSC.MARC/Mentat, AutoCAD/Inventor, MoldFlow, Digimat, Comsol) in the product and technology development and in the assessment of operation safety
  • Test and analyze of damage processes of structural materials at different loading conditions
  • Assessment of failure using fracture mechanics principles
  • Simulation of the mechanics and thermodynamics state of constructions applying numerical methods
  • Analysis of tribology systems
  • Development of virtual and augmented reality applications
  • Development of expert systems to summarize the accumulated knowledge in various field of engineering (e.g. piping, running of power plant equipment, lifetime estimation of structure elements),
  • Organization of training courses for engineers and technical managers
  • Organization of R&D projects

Our department has two laboratories that support our high-quality research and development activities with state-of-the-art software and tools:


Dr. Szabolcs SZÁVAI, acting division director, Engineering Division, Department of Structural Integrity and Production Technologies
Address: H-3519 Miskolc, Iglói út 2.
Mobile: +36-70/205-6455