APAL – Advanced PTS Analysis for LTO


European and international partners join forces with the aim of enhancing nuclear power plant safety by identifying possible improvements in the power plants’ hardware, software and procedures which have an impact on pressurised thermal shock (PTS) in reactor pressure vessels.

The APAL project aims to advance safety assessment methods for nuclear power plants (NPP) with the goal of improving their safety across Europe. In particular, APAL will develop an advanced probabilistic and deterministic pressurised thermal shock (PTS) assessment method, quantify safety margins for long-term operation (LTO) improvements and establish best practice guidance.

The project is supported by European Union Horizon 2020 EURATOM Programme.

Duration: 01.10.2020- 30.09.2024.



A significant number of the 14 consortium partners are public institutions and research institutes with an interest in nuclear energy. In addition to EU Member States, Switzerland and Ukraine are also represented.


Homepage: https://www.apal-project.eu/



Árpád Horánszky, international project manager
+ 36 30 / 8685368


News, events:

At the ASME Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference that took place on the 17th-22nd July 2022 in Las Vegas, USA, members of the APAL team were awarded for the best scientific paper. The “Best paper award” for the scientific publication “State of the Art of WPS in RPV PTS Analysis” went to the authors, among them our colleagues Dr. Szabolcs Szavai and Dr. Judit Dudra.