The goal of RAISE project is to provide high school students with the opportunity to gain deeper insight into the work of research laboratories and institutes within the framework of professional practice in order to better understand the raw materials sector.

RAISE would like to help high school students who are about to choose a career so that they can make a responsible decision on their higher education during the internship the project provides, which places emphasis on professional development related to raw materials. Within the framework of the project, the selected students participate in a 2-3 week long internship, where they can get to know in detail the thematic pillars of the KIC and the professional opportunities related to raw materials.

In recent years graduating high school students were able to face the fundamental questions of a) what their role is in society, b) how they can improve and enrich the smaller community they live in, so that their expectations meet the areas in which they are talented, and by applying it as active participants contribute to the efficient functioning of the various economic sections. The choice among these options also determines the areas of higher education for the students. In this process, however, students tend to ignore real-world factual opportunities and feedback.

Young people often misjudge their opportunities on their future careers as a result of their incomplete knowledge or the bad reputation of a professional field, and how they could enrich and make the chosen field of expertise more efficient with their personal knowledge and skills.

Decisions made on the basis of emotional and incomplete information often result in a waste of time during which they choose studies that are not suitable for them, and their frustration can lead to the waste of their talent or to the interruption of their studies.

The goal of RAISE is to support students during their professional practice to identify the specific knowledge areas or professions within the fields related to raw materials that, by utilizing their talents and successfully expanding their knowledge, fill the students with positive experiences and dedication, thereby prompting them making good professional decisions and encouraging them to continue in this direction.

After the theoretical and then laboratory exercises during the internship, the students who can get to know the operation of some companies related to the topic, following the internship they can report on their positive experiences to their classmates, thereby strengthening the making of responsible decisions on higher education.

The project was implemented with the support of EIT KIC Raw Materials.


Duration of the project:1 July 2019 – 31 December 2021

The project’s partner countries: Austria, Italy, Spain, Sweden

The Hungarian partner of the project is Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research.

More information can be found on the Raise project website:


Further information:

Groó-Nagy Patricia, project manager
Phone: +36-30/659-0569