The goal of the – Flexible Biometallurgy Infrastructure and Expertise network project is to create an infrastructure network that covers biometallurgy competencies. The infrastructure network provides services in the fields of bioleaching, bioprecipitation, biosorption and bioelectrochemistry to owners of raw material-containing waste storage facilities, mines, and metal extraction plants. With the help of these tests and experimental methods, it is possible to recover critical raw materials, which can greatly contribute to reducing the EU’s dependence on raw materials. On behalf of BZN, BAY BIO is present in the project, with its model system that combines laboratory and pilot-level microbial activity with molecular biological tests, which also enables DNA-based microbial community testing. BAY ENG is present in the project with its material testing competencies.

The project was implemented with the support of EIT KIC Raw Materials between January 2016 and December 2018.

The project’s partner countries are: Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France.

The Hungarian partner of the project is Bay Zoltán Research Institute

More information can be found on the Bioflex project website: