The RefresCO project offers professional knowledge-reviving courses on the subject of non-energy raw materials, tailored to the client’s needs, with a particular focus on the recycling of materials from secondary sources and the replacement of critical raw materials.

The following courses have been implemented so far:

  • November 22. Eco-Innovations – Challenges and Innovation Development for SMEs, University of Milano – Bicocca: presentation of eco-innovation strategies and the innovation ecosystem, as well as a joint outline of an eco-innovative product, process or model

The course is also available online on ENEA’s e-learning website, free access can be requested at

  • September 14-15 Circular Economy and Recycling Strategies, MEERI, Krakow – a total of four sessions on circular economy and recycling technologies
  • October 6-11 Introduction to supply chain management. A look inside and outside your organization – University of Limerick, Ireland

A detailed description of the courses can be found on the project page.

Project duration: 2016-2018



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