This project offers an interactive educational methodology for students 10-19 years old, in order to introduce raw materials connected experiments and other educational activities. Completing theoretical education, students can meet with the website of the project, where they can learn exciting experiments and as an interactive self-instruction they can study several raw materials connected teaching/learning materials.

This website as a Virtual Centre will ensure all the materials for the students and teachers with different learning path ways to reach a high level knowledge storage.

The main goal of the project is to increase the importance of the raw materials’ and secondary raw materials’ recycling with the support of interactive educational techniques. The use of the newly developed educational toolkits ensures the involvement of dedicated professionals and recruitment of future professionals for the specific economic area.

Implementation period: 01/01/2018-31/12/2020

Partners: 20 partners from 4 countries (Belgium, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia)

The Hungarian partner of the project is the Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research.

This project has received funded from the EIT KIC Raw Materials

Project website:

Further information:
Patricia GROÓ-NAGY international project manager