We have already distinguished three industrial revolutions throughout our history: the appearance of steam engines may be called as Indusry 1.0, mass production may be called as Industry 2.0, and Industry 3.0 starts with the appearance of information technology (automation).

The fourth industrial revolution – which is simply called as Industry 4.0 – means interconnected production units, where units communicate with each other.

Concept of Industry 4.0 is about making production processes more effective by collecting and analyzing as much information as it is possible. Data processing may be continuous, so even a small difference from the optimal values provides an opportunity to intervene. With this, method, there is a fair chance to minimize the occurrence of possible errors.

If a „physical” factory has a „digital copy”, it is possible to try any modification before implementation. With this you can minimize the risk of any changes.

People think that only multinational companies may afford Industry 4.0, which is a misconception. Small companies also have the interest to reduce waste, which could be supported by continuous monitoring and automatic interventions. It is not always necessary to obtain a completely new production installation, sometimes it is enough to install some compliant sensors and transmit their measured data to the IT system.

To get involved in the 4th Industrial Revolution, we can help you:

  1. Analyzing your manufacturing processes
  2. Suggestions for amendments


Balázs KERÜLŐ, Director of the Division
BAY-SMART Smart Systems Division