Laboratory of Laser Technology (Budapest)

Our services with the available infrastructure:

1. Trumpf CO2 gas laser

Technological opportunities:
  • 3D machining; surfacte treatment; laser cutting and welding.


A brief description of the device:

The equipment is a 5 kW high-frequency excited CO2 gas laser, with 5 axis CNC beam guiding system, which allows 3D processing (cutting, welding).

2. Rofin Nd:YAG solid state laser

Technological opportunities:
  •  3D spatial laser machining, welding, surface layer modification, surface quenching. powder weld surfacing


A brief description of the device:

The device is 2,7 kW Nd:YAG solid laser with optical fibre beam guiding, with a 7-axis robot, and an external rotating axis for moving the parts to be processed. A scanner head can be used for surface treatment technologies (surface layer modification, surface quenching, powder weld surfacing).

  1. Metallographic Laboratory

Technological opportunities:
  • analyzing microstructure and surface properties of metals (hardness, morphology)


A brief description of the devices:

We are able to cut samples with our water-cooler, diamond disc cutters above 60 HRC hardness. Depending on the number of the samples, it is possible to apply mechanical or manual embedding. Polishing samples can happen manually, or – in case of large numbers – with an automatic grinding and polishing equipment. We are able to take microscopic pictures with our Keyence digital light-microscope, which can make 3-dimensional microscopic pictures also. With our Leica Micro Vickers hardness testing device, the hardness of the phases of the samples can also be measured. A hardness map can be created with the ultrasonic hardness tester, which is moved with a high-precision stepping motor.



Laser Laboratory in Eger


Rofin CO2 slab-laser

Technological opportunities:
  • key-hole laser welding and cutting of automotive components.


Dr. Pál RÁCZ – Head of Department, Department of Industrial Laser Technology

Address: H-1116 Budapest, Kondorfa utca 1.

Mobile: +36-30/348-8963