Bioeconomy includes all the sustainable, biomass-based economic processes which use renewable biological (agricultural, forestry, animal, microbial) resources as raw material for the production of food, feed, energy or fine chemical products and also all the actors of these processes. These processes ensure the transformation of agricultural and industrial biomass wastes and by-products into higher added value products, and thus are able to tackle interdependent societal challenges such as food security, scarcity of natural resources, dependence upon fossil fuels and climate change in a comprehensive way, bearing in mind the sustainable economic growth.

The Biotechnology Division has a decade-long history of research and development activity targeting the utilisation of industrial, agricultural by-products and plant biomass (eg. whey utilization, bio-refining), therefore we complied with the 2012 EU innovation objectives concerning bioeconomy with ease. („Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe”, 13.02.2012).

We have established active cooperation on this subject with our partner companies as well as National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre, Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture and Research Institute of Agricultural Economics. Our joint presence at the 78th National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair is intended to reinforce this co-operation.



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Ákos KOÓS – Head of Department, Department of Biomass Production and Valorisation

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