The goal of the Department of Industrial Materials Technology is to maintain a coherent professional knowledge base, which provides up-to-date solutions for the materials science and technological challenges of the twenty-first century. Our main activities can be divided into several groups: laser material processing, materials development, various chemical processes, and the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the new materials and surfaces.

The main focus of the Department of Industrial Materials Technology is implementation of independent R&D projects, while at the same time the department tightly cooperates with other parts of the company such as other departments of the ENG division, but with the SMART and BIO divisions as well.

The department consists of several laboratories and research groups which locate to different cities in Hungary and are the following: the Surface Technologies Research Group and the Industrial Laser Technology Laboratory are in Budapest, the Group of Materials Development is in Miskolc, and there’s another Laser Technology Laboratory in Eger.

The Surface Technologies Research Group deals with innovative and green chemical solutions. Plasma electrolysis, development of various binder materials and a wide range of coating technologies are just some of our applied technologies.

The main task of the Industrial Laser Technology Laboratory in Budapest is the 2D and 3D laser material processing. Furthermore we constantly push the boundaries of the laser processes in the topic of material removal and alloying.

The Laser Technology Laboratory in Eger works on small series production and on the day-by-day development of industrial welding.

Newly established Diode Laser Centre in Kecskemét deals with industrial laser applications, as well as novel surface modifications by our new femtosecond laser device, which is unique in the region.

The Group of Materials Development in Miskolc deals with modern technical solutions which are based on careful planning from the first steps. The research group has participated in numerous projects in the topics of nanotechnological, metallurgical, ceramic and composite materials development and therefore has excessive experience.


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