VUK Indoor Localization & Navigation System

Nowadays wherever you are on the go or you travel, you are navigating in a variety of ways; e.g. applications run on your mobile phone help you reach your destination as smoothly and quickly as possible. As long as you are outdoors it works like a charm, however, since outdoor navigation methods and tools do not work indoors, entering a building stops the show. Once inside, you will have to revert to stone-age methods, such as asking someone, or browsing signs.

As soon as you enter a building, the GPS signal is lost, so an entirely new approach is needed to aid navigation. To find the right exit or your car in a large underground garage for instance or find the right way in the maze of a hypermarket, there is a need for outdoor navigation to continue seamlessly indoors, too. This is obviously of mutual interest to the users of the building, as well as to the owners of the premises.

In addition to the user-friendly “navigation in the house” feature of the newly developed magnetometry and WiFi-based VUK indoor navigation application features route planning and practice routes within buildings. VUK’s feature set is specifically designed to support safe and comfortable indoor navigation of the blind and visually impaired, but is great for the healthy-eyed as well.

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